uBloom Trend Synthesis® Cover

Resource Guide: uBloom Trend Synthesis COVER

uBloom Trend Synthesis® Cover

Resource Guide for the uBloom Trend Synthesis Cover Products:

Health & Wealth (Large Photo)
Amnesia Roses and Purple Hydrangea: from Esprit Miami www.Espritmiami.com
Succulents and Lavender from Brannan Street Wholesale www.brannanst.com

Eco Green (Small Photo top)
Scabiosa Pods: from Ocean View Flowers
Anastasia Fugi Mum, and Hypericum: from Esprit Miami www.EspritMiami.com

Tropical Texture (Small Photo middle)
Shampoo Ginger from Brannan Street Wholesale www.brannanst.com
“Naranga” Roses from Eufloria Flowers www.EufloriaFlowers.com

Fragrant Garden (Small Photo bottom)
“Sweet Moments” Roses, and “Kylie” Spray Rose from Eulforia Flowers www.EufloriaFlowers.com
Cottage Yarrow from Ocean View Flowers Texture Collection

Use this handy resource guide to Find Flowers, Foliage and Products featured in the uBloom Trend Synthesis. Many of the Fresh Flower and Foliage companies are Wholesale Distributors (or To the TRADE Only)… contact your flower seller for more information. Hard Goods and Supply Products are available through reputable Wholesale Florists… contact your Nearest Supplier for additional information and pricing.

The uBloom Trend Synthesis Brochure is available (Complimentary) at any LIVE J Events or Hands On Workshops…
uBloom Partner Sponsors also offer the uBloom Trend Synthesis Brochure… or to purchase the brochure… visit the uBloom Store at www.uBloom.com.