Learn to Weave a TeePee Leaf this week on FUN with Flowers and J!

Weaving TeePee Leaves… It’s EASY!

Learn to Weave a TeePee Leaf this week on FUN with Flowers and J!

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… I teamed up with my friends at Continental Floral Greens… they are responsible for all the different kinds of Palm Leaves you have to choose from at your local Flower Seller…

TeePee Foliage arriving at CFG from abroad!

They come from Mexico… and Guatemala… through San Antonio… recently Kelly and I Visited the Continental Floral Greens Operation in San Antonio… it was amazing to see the trucks unloading the bundles of Foliage… I love that “Behind the Scenes” STUFF!!!

Watch CFG Harvest the Palm Leaves in an ECO-Friendly Fashion here….

TeePee Foliage Bundles open at Continental Floral Greens!

In turn… I was Fortunate enough to be a Student of Phil Rulloda… a couple of decades ago… I’m afraid to say… but I’ve never forgotten the Cool Weaving Techniques Phil taught me… (He’s the KING of Foliage Weaving for sure)…. and I thought it would be FUN To share that on FUN with FLOWERS and J…

This week’s show also reminds me of my Dad… he would NEVER EVER EVER let anyone sit down at work… it was just NOT ACCEPTABLE… so I always feel a little funny when I sit down to create flower design work… but when you’re weaving a TeePee leaf … it works so much better to sit on a stool… So check it out…

Detail of this Week's Fun Flower Project Featuring TeePee Foliage!

One Final Remark… Jim Everett one of my Friends from Continental Floral Greens schooled me on the Correct Pronunciation of “TeePee”…. it’s Not “Tea Pee”…. it’s “Teh Pay”…. (I love that stuff too…) So enjoy our weaving of the “Teh-Pay” foliage this week… it’s Fun… and a Great way to cause some excitement in your Flower Arrangement!