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2012 AUGUST NEWSLETTER: Flower Care 101 Cards

Flower Care 101 Card_storeimage

Flower Care 101 Card

DON’T underestimate the importance of PROPER flower care and handling techniques!  Making sure your flowers are cared for the right way…before, during and after you design…will help them last LONGER…therefore giving you and/or your customers more flower enjoyment and value!

J makes flower processing, care & handling simple and easy to remember…with his BRAND NEW Flower Care 101 Cards!  These 6 x 10, two sided, fully illustrated instructional cards are perfect to display in your design room…to ensure consistancy in flower care…and that no important step is left out…for beautiful, healthy flowers that LAST!  Each card offers “15 useful Flower Care and Handling Tips, Tricks and Professional Products… providing Good Information for Longer Lasting Flowers! uBloom is Everything Flowers… and this Handy Guide… will make you an Expert when it comes to Processing and Caring for your Cut Flowers!”

You can purchase the Flower Care 101 Cards in uBloom’s Store…2 for only $10…so that you can post each side for easy viewing in your Flower Processing area!