Fragrant Garden Design Style

2012 AUGUST NEWSLETTER: uBloom Recommends…

Fragrant Garden Design Style

FUN with Flowers and J

J kicks off the uBloom Trend Analysis Premiere by introducing us to the first of 4 Design Concepts…Fragrant Garden! 

J shares with us how to use TRENDY Cut Clematis (from Roseville Farms) in Wedding and Event Arrangments!

PUPPIES!!!  Who can resist them?  Especially when combined with flowers…or…what if the puppies WERE flowers?  J shows us how to make super cute Carnation Puppies to fill a Garden Flower Themed Basket. 

The Flower Stand (J’s Blog)

J designed a uBloom Trend Analysis: Fragrant Garden Resource Guide just for YOU!  Find out WHERE you can get all the wonderful tools, materials and accessories J uses in his Fragrant Garden Concept…so YOU can start creating your own Fragrant Garden TODAY!

Want Tips, Tricks and Secrets for working with the HOT new Trend Forward Flower for 2012…Cut Clematis???  No Problem!  J shares his top tips with you for handling and designing with this long lasting flower!

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NEW This Month….

uBloom Trend Synthesis™ Guide

The uBloom Trend Synthesis™ Guide

The uBloom Trend Synthesis® Guide is your resource for interpreting classic, current and emerging trends with Flowers for 2012-2013. With Four Creative concepts suggesting Flowers, Foliage and Products that will help you translate Trends and Color into Memorable Events. Use the uBloom Trend Synthesis® in conjunction with the 4 Concept and 4 Flower Project Videos premiering on in July, September, November 2012 and January 2013. This special introductory offer is 50% off cover price… and is a Valuable Reference Tool for Anyone that needs to create Trend Savvy Flower Fashions!

Normally priced at $20, this amazing tool is NOW available for only $10! (for a limited time)
PLUS: Order yours today and get J’s Color Card FREE with your purchase!



Flower Care 101 Card...Front & Back

Flower Care 101 Cards

The 2 Sided Full Color Care and Handling Guide is an Essential Tool for Anyone that Loves Flowers, Flower Arranging and Design. With over 15 useful Flower Care and Handling Tips, Tricks and Professional Products… providing Good Information for Longer Lasting Flowers! uBloom is Everything Flowers… and this Handy Guide… will make you an Expert when it comes to Processing and Caring for your Cut Flowers!

$10 for a Set of TWO… so that you can post each side for easy viewing in your Flower Processing area!

*This is a Full Color 6 x 11 inch Two Sided Card