Succulent Corsage by Club uBloom Member, Toni Buckley

It’s Photo Friday….Succulent Surprise!

If you’ve been following floral design trends over the past 2 years, you will have noticed that SUCCULENTS are making their mark in a BIG way!  Adding succulents to centerpieces started out as a cool, “think outside the box” style that mirrored the eco-chic, water conservation trend in gardening.  However, florists, being the artistic adventurers they are, couldn’t just stop at vase designs…they had to experiment further with succulents. Despite the slight differences in mechanics as compared to most other fresh floral materials, succulents are debuting their waxy ways in Bridal Bouquets, Maids Bouquets, Boutonierres and Corsages…succulents are popping up EVERYWHERE!

Here is an excellent example of succulent use in a wrist corsage…designed by Club uBloom Member, Toni Buckley.


Succulent Corsage by Club uBloom Member, Toni Buckley


Toni created this succulent corsage to match with her client’s Purple & Gray Dress.  As you can see, succulents are a perfect choice for corsages…surprised?

Succulents come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes.  They are a fun option for florists and customers who want to add a unique, eco-chic look to their designs.  Succulents are found in many different floral design styles…Eco-Chic/Green Styles, Hydroponic/Terrarium Styles, Woodland Styles, Vintage/Romantic Style, Clean/Modern Styles, Industrial Styles, and Southwestern Styles.

Special thanks to Toni Buckley for sharing her super succulent corsage design with us!