Design by Lisa Luck, uBloom's Community Gardener

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Design by Lisa Luck, uBloom’s Community Gardener


I LOVE uBloom….and no, not because I work here…but because I know the VALUE of being a member of the community here.  Like MANY Professional Florists and Wedding/Event Specialists, I am mostly self-taught…meaning…I did not attend a professional design school to learn my design skills.  Instead, I sought out other methods of aquiring my basic and ongoing skill set…like books and videos…and then practiced til my fingers just about fell off!  uBloom has been a HUGE part of my floral education…learning from THE BEST…J Schwanke…has been invaluable!

You see, whether you are just starting out in the floral business or have been a professional for years, floral design is always an ONGOING learning process.  There will never be a point where you have “made it” or learned everything there is to know about floral design.  That’s because floral design is always changing, molding, transforming itself…morphing into new styles and types…and following fashion and decor trends which shift with great fluidity.  A florist can easily get stuck in a rut or fall “behind” in their design skills if they do not determine to keep learning and growing in this field.  That is where uBloom comes in…

Prom Designs by Lisa Luck

For less than the cost of a single cup of coffee per week…you can continue your floral education with THE Flower Expert…J Schwanke!  Each FUN with Flowers and J webisode is like having J personally tutor you in floral design!  J covers everything a professional floral designer craves…everyday designs, sympathy tributes, wedding designs, special event work, prom/homecoming designs…and SO much more!  J packs each webisode with his professional tips, tricks and techniques so that YOU can excel in your personal skill set.  J also shares with you his favorite products… recommended for their Quality & Value, and used BY J himself …floral design tools, fresh, dried & permament materials, containers, accessories, etc. that will make your job easier and your designs SHINE!

PLUS…every Club uBloom Member has access to 100s of archived JTV and FUN with Flowers and J videos that are available to view online 24/7!  HUNDREDS of educational webisodes for LESS than a dollar a week!  Now THAT is VALUE!


Membership Gift Cards Available

Don’t wait another minute to subscribe…or renew your uBloom subscription!  Continuing your floral education is essential in becoming the BEST designer you possibly can be!  The MORE you know, the greater your skill set, the deeper your understanding of mechanics, trends, and quality design…it will be seen in your design work and appreciated by your employers, clients, and customers.  Becoming a uBloom Member is your opportunity to Bloom & Grow like never before!  It’s the BEST gift you can give yourself…or someone you know (friend, client, employee…we have beautiful Membership Gift Cards available…perfect for tucking in stockings & cards) this holiday!  AND for a limited time only, when you join or renew your membership…you will get FREE Downloads of your choice!  I uBloom….Do YOU?