Marketing Strategy

Marketing Mania…3 NEW Articles by John Stanley!


Marketing Strategy

John Stanley

As much as we LOVE designing with flowers…we all know that running a successful floral business means having a practical marketing plan that WORKS!  We can be the most talented designer in the world with AIFD tacked on the end of our name…but it will be of no value if we cannot develop a marketing strategy that will get our flowers and brand NOTICED and APPRECIATED by customers.


To help you make sense of marketing and consumer trends….uBloom’s Marketing Expert, John Stanley has written three engaging articles that will broaden your marketing scope and inspire fresh ideas to kick start your new marketing campaign this year.  Take advantage of John’s many years of leadership in the marketing field….grab a cup of coffee and read how YOU can make the MOST of your marketing money with wisdom & insight from John!

Get familiar with the unfamiliar and make the customer stop and stare

The Customer Is Your Marketing Department

Provide me with memories, don’t sell me product