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J helps you stay AHEAD of the floral trends and accurately communicate current trends with the uBloom Trend Analysis…4 concepts that encompass and overlap current and emerging design trends…colors, styles, materials and ideas.  It’s not always easy to keep up with what is trending…there are so many elements to consider…and with the ever changing styles…it’s difficult to know what you need to invest your time and money in.  That is why J created the uBloom Trend Analysis…to help give YOU the knowledge to translate trend & color with flowers so that you can Design with Confidence!

We are proud to say that we have GIVEN away over 19,000 of our beautiful uBloom Trend Synthesis  brochures that detail the 4 Concepts…Fragrant Garden, Eco Green, Tropical Texture and Health and Wealth.  These brochures can be obtained through many of our sponsors, at J’s Live Events, and CaterSource.  Our Trend Synthesis brochure is the perfect accompanyment to the uBloom Trend Analysis Concept videos seen on Fun with Flowers and J!

We are SO sure that you are going to greatly benefit from J’s Trend Analysis…we have unlocked ALL 4 Trend Analysis Concept Videos for FREE Viewing!  Learn how to interpret Classic, Current and Emerging Trends with Flowers…with our free Trend Synthesis Brochure and the Concept Videos…which are absolutely FREE for you to View AND Download!  Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to add to your floral design educational library by downloading the concept videos…they are YOURS to KEEP and view again and again…use them to educate employees…train sales staff or your social media guru…utilize for greater marketing potential and to create exciting, in-store displays that will blow your customers away…the list is endless!

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Health & Wealth

Eco Green

Tropical Texture

Fragrant Garden

We also offer uBloom Trend Analysis Flower Project videos…J shows you in detail how to create a large scale floral design for each concept…which are available in the uBloom Archives.  These videos are free to preview with FULL viewing for uBloom Members when logged in.  Downloads are available for only $2 each.