Heartz Roses

Design Ideas….WHAT you Need…WHEN you Need Them!

The RIGHT Tools for the Job!

My brother-in-law is skilled at carpentry and boat repair.  He loves fixing things…and he’s good at it.  But, he admitted that carpentry requires the RIGHT tools to do the job correctly…and it PAYS to invest in the best.

Here at uBloom…we are continually creating Top Quality, Floral Design Videos to Inspire and Educate.  ALL of our videos…JTV, FUN with Flowers and J, and the DVD’s available in the uBloom Store…are the RIGHT tools that will enable you to do your job better than ever!  Every uBloom Membership, Video Download and DVD purchase is an Investment in the BEST…an investment in YOU, your talent and your business.

J is a bit…well…PICKY about what products he promotes and designs he creates in his videos.  Each product must pass the “J Test” before he puts his name behind it.  He will not recommend anything he doesn’t use himself.  J also chooses designs that are both inspirational & practical in nature to feature in his videos.  This helps keep our creative juices flowing, and also makes our new found floral knowledge easily transferable into our businesses everyday.  Additionally, J is careful to schedule each weekly webisode at the right TIME…for example…Valentine’s Day designs are scheduled several weeks ahead of V-Day so that you (and your staff) have plenty of time to view, discuss and practice J’s techniques before the holiday arrives.

Here are a few video examples that we think you will want to check out as this next floral season gets underway….   (All JTV/FUN with Flowers & J webisodes are Free to view for all Club uBloom Members (when logged in) and it is available to download for only $2. As always, a free preview is available.)

Game Day Flowers

Did someone mention the “SUPER BOWL?”  Kick off your Super Bowl Sunday RIGHT…Make flowers a part of the BIG game with “How to create Football Game Day Centerpieces!” J makes it fun to customize your own Game Day centerpieces with your team colors!  Perfect to display on the snack bar or buffet table!  No matter which team you are cheering for…everyone can root for FLOWERS!

With Valentine’s Day just 2 short weeks away…J has created a video that shows you how to design a dozen roses the quick and easy way…and get it PERFECT every time!  “How to make a FAST and EASY Dozen Roses the 7-4-1 Way” is a MUST HAVE for every florist…and a great employee training tool.  This video will save you TIME and MONEY…and help save your sanity…on V-Day!

Heartz Roses

If you want to branch out a little more on V-Day to include lush, romantic centerpieces…J has got you covered!  He creates a lush “Heartz”-felt Arrangement using Trailing Ivy, Succulents, Hydrangea, Calla Lilies and “Heartz” Roses…in this “How to Make a Romantic Arrangement using Heartz Roses” video.  If you’ve always wanted to try out Heartz roses from Esprit Miami…here is your chance to do it with flourish!

Flowers can say “LOVE” in so many ways… and when the Daisies are in a shape of heart… it’s the Perfect way to share your Feelings!  SUPER CUTE Daisy Heart centerpiece with deco beads…a whimsical V-Day design that will delight!  J shows you step-by-step a quick & easy method for creating “A Heart of Daisies.”

And looking ahead to PROM…

C-Lytes from Acolyte

Help your teen clients LIGHT UP the night with Corsages and Boutonierres that glow with C-Lytes from Acolyte!  J shows you step-by-step how to incorporate C-Lytes in Prom Body Flowers for SUPER sparkle and attention getting style!