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HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!  Yep, on this day, March 7th, 53 years ago…during a raging snowstorm at the Nebraska Florists’ Society’s Growers Class…J was born to the “Famous Matching Couple!”  What an entrance!  J was destined for a life filled with flowers…and he spends his time spreading his LOVE & PASSION for flowers wherever he goes.  So today, we want to wish J a VERY Happy Birthday…Best Wishes and Big Birthday HUGS…All The BEST…from All of Us here at uBloom!  Head on over to our Facebook Page to wish him a Happy Birthday…or you can leave him a message below in our Comments area!

The Famous Matching Couple!

You’ve Got….Mel and Joey Schwanke…The Famous Matching Couple!  AOL has produced a fun series of short video interviews of interesting individuals that they want you to meet.  Their latest interview was with J’s mom & dad…known around the world as “The Famous Matching Couple.”  Check out Mel & Joey as they show off their winning style and share their love of life, flowers and each other!  http://www.aol.com/video/youve-got-mel-joey-schwanke/517678722/

Composite Calla

Composite Flowers are all the rage and the skills to create them are in demand, especially for weddings.  Calla Lilies are the epitome of elegance & sophistication…truly regal in their bearing.  This week on FUN with Flowers and J…J shows you step-by-step how to create a Composite Calla Lily Bouquet using Premium Callas from …Esprit Miami & Oasis Cold Glue.  This is an EXCELLENT training video for both employees & classroom instruction…you will want to get the download…only $2…and WELL worth it!  Free instant viewing for Members and as always a free preview for everyone.  Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your floral design and mechanics skill set!  http://ubloom.com/blog/2013/03/03/how-to-make-a-composite-calla-lily/