A Sample of the Complete Recipes you receive IN Addition to the Images... 25 Images and 25 recipes for only $20!

Images AND Recipes… the Complete Package!

A Sample of the Complete Recipes you receive IN Addition to the Images… 25 Images and 25 recipes for only $20!

Our NEW uBloom Image Gallery has been So Popular! Thank you for all the Great Comments… and your suggestions for future Projects!

I Wanted to show you the Recipes… All 25 Recipes are included in your purchase price of just $20! I know that has been really hard for people to believe… That Right… we’re offering 25 Web-ready Images… AND the Recipes for just $20… but it’s true!

What good is an image without a recipe. So the complete Recipe for each arrangement is included in the Package. I list every flower… (Both those showing and NOT Showing… in some cases the arrangement is “All Around”, so the recipe reflects those flowers too)

I also list the Resource for the Flowers… what company grows them… so you can ask your Flower Broker for the exact same flower and variety. I do the same with the supplies… and then we add the time it takes a skilled designer to create the arrangement!

I used readily available flowers… and a few unique ones too… so that Florists can show their customers what they can do… and how they can expect Creative things from their Local Florist! There is nothing pictured that isn’t EASY for a Flower Broker or Distributor to get for the Professional Florist!

Same goes for the Containers… Simple Cylinders, Baskets, Ceramic Containers… and Popular 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass from G3… Part of the Garcia Group! All available at Wholesale Distributors across the Country!

The Recipe offers a suggested retail price… but at the same time… the Recipe acts as a worksheet so you can use your market prices and your store pricing procedures to calculate your own price!

I highly recommend… printing out the Recipe PDF… and keeping it in a notebook so that
you or your designers can refer to the recipes and prices easily and keep things up to date!

One of the best comments we got was from Apple Creek Flowers in Chicago… “We  put the images up on our website…” and Elizabeth admitted… “the price was a bit higher than I might normally post…and “Cool Breeze” SOLD Right away… the customer loved the Arrangement!”

My Goal is to offer Affordable and Profitable “non-wire-service” Images for Professional Florists so they can Succeed and be around for years to come! It’s about Customer Satisfaction… both for the Florist and the Flower Buying Consumer!

Check out the entire uBloom Spring Image Gallery… in this video… and then you can order and download the Images and Recipes right to your computer!