David and Jana Register with J at the Historic FernTrust Location in the Fern Capital of the World!

The Florida Fresh Foliage Tour… A Visit to FernTrust!

David and Jana Register with J at the Historic FernTrust Location in the Fern Capital of the World!

The uBloom Florida Fresh Foliage and Flower Tour kicks off this Monday May 27, 2013! This America’s Foliage and Flower Documentary shares the Stories of the Foliage and Flower Farms of Florida! The First Stop on the Florida Fresh Tour is FernTrust!

Chris and Keith Film J and David as they walk through the Fern Fields at FernTrust!

We Premiere the Tour with our Friends at FernTrust! I’ve been friends with David and Jana Register for many years… FernTrust’s Fabulous Foliage bouquets have been a staple on uBloom from the Beginning! We’ve Featured these Profitable Arrangement Solutions since the days of JTV! … (Check out our “24 Send up”… using FernTrust Foliages to create a dozen roses in less than 2 minutes)

The “FernTrust Girls” creating Fabulous Foliage Bouquets for customers all over the USA!

FernTrust is the creator of ColorFresh… one of the Crown Jewels of Flower Design (and Super Popular at all my LIVE J Appearances)… David calls ColorFresh… Makeup for Foliage!

This is All we can show you of the SECRET Patented process of FernTrust ColorFresh… but Trust us… ColorFresh is Amazing!!!

We toured this 13 Family Farm Co-op… with David… and dug in… to see how deeply rooted these foliage families are in… to the Fern Business! David showed us how Ferns Grow… how they are harvested… and the patented processes FernTrust uses to deliver Fern the professional Florist can Trust!

Just one of many dedicated Fern Harvesters bringing Fern you can Trust to Flower Professionals Everywhere!

Literally Generations of American Families have Farmed Ferns in Florida… (say that 3 times fast)… we even saw remnants of the Historical Citrus Industry that used to occupy part of the Fern Capital of the World!

A Few Oranges still residing on the FernTrust Family Farms… the Citrus industry has moved south… to slightly warmer conditions!

It’s an opportunity for us to learn more about the remarkable foliage industry that ships American Grown Foliage and Flowers all over the World! The World’s BEST Ferns and Foliage come from Florida… and the Florida Fresh Foliage and Flower Tour shares the Stories of Florida’s Family Farms!

David points out… just how Fern Grows… with the growing eye and New Fiddleheads… that’s Fern Farming in Florida!

Remember… the Florida Fresh Tour is FREE… Check out the New Shows every other week… Memorial Day through Labor Day… Watch the shows… and collect them all.. Downloads are FREE too… It’s a great opportunity to learn more about American Grown Foliage and Flowers… Share the stories with your Customers… they Love Knowing Where their Flowers and Foliage come from!