Two Ways to Access the uBloom Video Archives

100′s of Videos await our Club Members in the JTV & FWF&J Archives!


Two Ways to Access the uBloom Video Archives

One of the many benefits of having a Club uBloom Membership is the unlimited, 24/7 viewing access to the over 455 flower design videos…plus the CA Grown Series, Destination Dallas and the Florida Fresh tour…in the JTV & FWF&J Archives.   With a $30 membership…that equals to only .06 a video for 6000 minutes (100 continuous hours) of flower fun & education by flower expert, J Schwanke!

The Archives contain it ALL…Event Designs, Wedding Designs, Sympathy Designs, Everyday Designs, Holiday Designs, Hand tied Bouquets, Bouquets in a Holder, Dozen Roses Designs, Tropicals, Pomanders, Composite Flowers, Wreaths, Submerged Flowers, Large Scale Designs, Flower Jewelry, Body Flowers…and SO much MORE!  Our Flower Project webisodes feature J creating step-by-step, trend forward designs using modern mechanics and the latest floral design products so that YOU can keep up with what’s HOT and NEW in the Flower World!

So, it was surprising for us to find out that some of our Club Members didn’t realize they had access to the video inventory – or –  know Where or How to access the uBloom Archives!  We want to remedy the situation right now and show our awesome uBloom Members how they can access our enormous archive of floral design videos.

First things first…you need to Login using your Username & Password

Next…look to the right hand side of the uBloom homepage and underneath of the Fun with Flowers & J video.  You will see links to JTV Videos and Fun with Flowers and J Videos (see illustration above…top circle).  These link to the corresponding list of videos…where each video title includes a short description of the video contents, a photo of the flower project created in the webisode, and a link to watch the video.  This method of accessing the archives is great for those who are just browsing the list and want a bit of info about each show.

OR…if you have an idea of what you are looking for…perhaps hand tied bouquets for instance…then you can use the Quick Archive List (shown in the second circle) that is placed directly underneath of the links to the JTV/Fun with Flowers and J archives links.  Look for the Quick Archive List’s green banner…then click the link just below it.  You will be taken to a large list of titles that include ALL of the JTV and Fun with Flowers and J webisodes. You can quickly scan the titles for the project(s) you are interested in. Once you’ve found a title…click it and you will gain access to the video.

There you have it…TWO ways for our Members to access the uBloom Video Archives…easy as pie!