Indoor Flowers mean Happier, Healthier Lives!

Flowers…Make them a Part of YOUR Healthy Lifestyle…with Help from uBloom!

Indoor Flowers mean Happier, Healthier Lives!

With health insurance costs, prescriptions, and medical bills skyrocketing…we are all making necessary changes to promote a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our families.  By eating less processed foods, choosing organic produce, excersizing, daily meditations, replacing chemical filled cleaners with natural ones, and using homeopathic/natural means to help heal our bodies, we are taking steps towards living longer and healthier.  But, did you know that FLOWERS can play a significant role in leading a healthy, happy life?  It’s TRUE!  Research consistently shows that INDOOR flowers (and plants) promote overall wellbeing!

In research conducted by NASA, Texas A & M University, Rutgers University and various Doctors & Scientists…indoor plants and flowers have been shown to have positive affects on people mentally, physically, psychologically and socially.  Here are some of the things they discovered…

Flowers in the home improve:

Mood…People are less stressed, less anxious and less depressed when flowers are around.  They also feel happier, enjoy life more and have a greater positive outlook on their lives.

Brain Power: Flowers improve mental sharpness, creativity, and problem solving.  For seniors, flowers helped refresh memory and perform higher on everyday memory tasks.

Social Life: Having blooms in the home help to encourage intimacy & peacefulness.  In fact, arguments decrease when flowers are displayed. Flowers promote friendliness and warmth between individuals.

Health: Plants in particular filter toxins from the air and produce oxygen.  They also reduce noise and dust.  Plants have also been found to reduce sickness by as much as 30%…while flowers help sick patients recover faster and need less pain medication. People who look at flowers in the morning are perkier and more energetic!

Research has also found that having flowers and plants in the workplace improves productivity!

With ALL these amazing positive examples of how flowers have an impact people…isn’t this an excellent time to add FLOWERS to your list of healthy lifestyle changes?  One great way to bring flowers into your home and enjoy them more is by learning Flower Arranging.  Arranging flowers in a container is soothing and relaxing…a perfect way to de-stress…PLUS…once the arrangement is finished you can display the flowers in your home or workplace for even MORE healthy benefits! and Flower Expert, J Schwanke, are here to help you discover the JOY of Flowers and flower design. We believe everyone should make flowers a part of their lives & homes…and with help from uBloom’s Videos, Forums and Blogs…learning to arrange flowers is FUN!  And at uBloom, you can learn at YOUR own pace when it’s convenient for YOU!   In the Fun with Flowers and J videos, J teaches you step-by-step how to arrange a variety of designs.  If you have questions…our Forum is a great place to get answers from a community of flower lovers & professionals.  J is also just an email away!   Becoming a part of uBloom is easy…for as little as $30 a year for a single membership…you will have Full access to 24/7, including ALL of our video archives which contain hundreds of design videos ready to view online!  Think about how good it will feel when you begin creating gorgeous flower designs yourself…and the pride you’ll feel when displaying (or giving away) an arrangement that is so beneficial.  Now is the time to begin your floral design education AND enjoy a healthier life…Join Today!