Bill and Julie Puckett... owners of Wm F. Puckett - An American Foliage Farm!

Wm F. Puckett… Foliage and Flowers!

The Bright Pink Puckett Boxes… Customers Look for the Pink Puckett Box for American Grown Quality!

This Week on the Florida Fresh Foliage and Flower Tour…. we visit Bill and Julie Puckett at Wm. F. Puckett in Barberville Florida! I’ve known this two Foliage Icons for many years… and customers around the country look for their Bright Pink Puckett Box as a symbol of quality!

Bill Puckett- President of Wm F. Puckett

I enjoyed talking to Bill… as he shared information about moving Fern with Trains out of Florida in the early years… and shared historical pictures of the First Plumosa Growing operations in the Fern Capital of the World!

Plumosa- One of the First Commercially Grown Florida Foliages!

It was fascinating and struck a family chord with me… My Great Grandfather had a small fern operation near Sarasota to provide Foliage for my Families Florist back in Nebraska. It was the only way to supply year round foliage for the family flower business… and they were sent by train as well.

Babies Breath Garlands (any Length or Specification) create by Wm F. Puckett!

History is a big part of the Puckett Family Foliage Farm… but at the same time there is Innovation… and Flowers! Julie shared One of Puckett’s NEWEST (and HOTTEST)… Wedding and Event Items… Babies Breath Garlands!  Babies Breath is experiencing a rebirth in the Wedding and Event Business… and Puckett’s are creating Garlands, Hearts, Wreaths and Much more with the same expertise they provide with Foliage!

Creating a Garland of Babies Breath, Limonium and Genista at Wm F. Puckett!

Babies Breath Garlands from Puckett’s can be created in any length… to any specification… with Matching Babies Breath Hearts for Church Doors, and Wreaths for Pews or Centerpieces… they’re GLORIOUS!

Frosted Floral Foliage adds a Magical Metallic Accent to a Babies Breath Garland!

But it doesn’t stop there… Julie and Crew are mixing Foliage and other Flowers with the Babies Breath to create custom looks for Weddings and Events! Adding their Patented Frosted Floral Foliage (a look of Silver or Gold Leaf on Salal Leaves) creates a Magical Metallic Accented Garland fit for a Queen!

A Majestic Live Oak Hammock sheltering tender Tree Fern on the Puckett Ranch!

Contact your Flower and Foliage Supplier for more information on Puckett Babies Breath Garlands… or Call Tracy Robinson (800-426-3376) to find a Dealer near you!

“Super Shine” Foliage from Wm F. Puckett!

“Super Shine” foliage is another Puckett Trademarked Product… using a Top Secret Process… Bill Puckett adds a SUPER SHINE to many of his American Grown Foliage products… Not only does it create a SUPER SHINE… it also keeps Foliage like Plumosa and Sprengeri from shedding!

Live Oaks provide Shade and Shelter to TENDER Growing Ferns

A Visit to Wm F. Puckett wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Enchanting Live Oak Hammocks. A Hammock is a specifically planted arrangement of Live Oak Trees that provide shade and protection to the Delicate undergrowth foliage (such as Tree Fern)… The Live Oak Trees provide protection to the Fern below!

Tree Fern is ‘undergrowth’ so it needs protection from Florida Sun… Live Oak Hammocks provide it naturally… while Saran can provide man-made protection!

A Hammock is majestic… and at the same time… Enchanting and Magical… the sound of birds, the rustling of the oak leaves… and protection from the Florida Sun… The only enemy of Live Oak Hammocks is Hurricanes… their winds can reduce several decades of growth to ruin in a matter of minutes!

It was amazing to wander through this Tree Fern Hammock with Bill and Julie… and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to film there… Take a Close look at this picture to appreciate the SCALE of the Trees to Bill, Julie and myself… as we share an afternoon stroll through an American Tree Fern Hammock!

Julie, Bill, J and the JTV Crew are dwarfed by the Majestic Live Oak Trees in the Tree Fern Hammock!

Finally… be sure to watch to the end credits of our Visit to Wm F. Puckett where Julie shares the Story of Puckett’s LOVER Leaf… a charming story about Ferns, Spores and Lord Alfred Tennyson! It’s Moment you’ll remember!

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