7-4-1 and You’re Done… Thanks Continental Floral Greens!

7-4-1 and You’re Done… A Great Concept from the Folks at Continental Floral Greens!

I recently attended International Floral Expo 2013 in Miami with the great folks from Continental Floral Greens! My Job was to present The 7-4-1 and You’re Done concept for the attendees! The IFE Show is attended by Flower Sellers in Wholesale, Retail, Wedding and Event and Mass Market!

Examples of the 7-4-1 Concept Arrangements at my SWEET Tricked out Design Table at the Continental Booth!

Continental’s Approach to a Professional Uniform Dozen Roses is the geometric equation… 7-4-1… Seven Roses around the Edge of a vase… 4 in the Middle and a bit longer and 1 longest one in the center… Their Concept is simple for anyone to understand and execute!

Perfect and Professional Dozen Roses every Time with 7-4-1

The idea is that ANYONE can create a Perfect Professional Dozen Roses… so whether it’s a new employee, delivery person, or hobbyist… 7-4-1 allows you to look like a pro! The other great benefit comes along with the Premium Greens Bouquets they’ve created to pair with their concept!

A Gorgeous Bouquet created by Juanita from Continental Greens for the booth at IFE

Continental creates a Lovely Greens Bouquet… Ruscus, Leatherleaf and Eucalyptus… or a CA Grown Greens Bouquet… A Premium Greens Bouquet that has a terrific assortment… even a Leatherleaf and BB combination for the Traditional market. The Bouquets can come already in a Garcia Glass Vase… or in Bulk so you can add them to any vase!

The Concept is simple… and Full of Ahh Haa’s… When I demonstrated the concept you could literally see the anxiety wash away from people’s faces! Breaking down this Simple Task into a Visual Equation… makes it Approachable, Less Stressful and … well… FAST and EASY!

7-4-1 and You’re Done… was a HIT… leave to Continental Floral Greens to take the guess work out of a Dozen Roses!