A Visit with Jennifer and Joe… Alpha Fern Company!

Joe and Jennifer Strickland… American Foliage Farmers!

This week on the Florida Fresh Tour we visit the Family Foliage Farm of the Stricklands at Alpha Fern Company! I can’t mention this tour stop… without first mentioning Jennifer and Joe Strickland. This Father Daughter Team… well… They’re just so darned charming… and epitomize an American Farm Family!

Jennifer Strickland and J visit as they tour a Tree Fern Hammock on the Florida Fresh Foliage Tour on uBloom!

Jennifer and I worked together for several weeks as we prepared our trip to Florida… and when we arrived at Alpha Fern Company… Jennifer had a list of Important things that helped us Tell the Story of this Florida Foliage Farm.

Joe Strickland with his Favorite Foliage… Alpha Fern Florida Grown Asparagus Plumosus!

Joe Strickland shared his Favorite Foliage… (watch the credits to see Joe share his passion for Asparagus Plumosus and why it’s his Favorite!

Colorful Alpha Fern Foliage… in an assortment of shapes, sizes and of Course COLORS!

Alpha Fern is definitely all about Foliage… offering over 50 varieties of Fresh Cut Foliage… not only from Florida… As Jennifer told me… “Alpha Fern Company… the source for Everything Green and Colorful!”… and her display of some of the Stars of Alpha Fern… were conveniently set up in an enchanting Tree Fern Hammock of Live Oak Trees for us to admire (and photograph)

Jennifer watches from behind the camera as we take in the “sage advice” of Florida Foliage Farmer Joe Strickland… pickup truck and all… at Alpha Fern!

Joe Strickland is your “Typical Farmer” and I mean that, with the utmost respect and care. See I’m from Nebraska… and one of my life long memories are of farmers…(most Corn) that would stand at the bed of their pickup truck and share ideas, successes, challenges all the while offering ‘sage advice’ to their neighbor, friend or next generation.

Joe and Jennifer share a Father-Daughter moment… and a few laughs during the uBloom Visit to Alpha Fern Company!

Jennifer has that same memory of her father Joe… and she helped us ‘set up the perfect location”… complete with Pickup … that allowed Joe to Share his ‘sage advice’ when it comes to Florida Grown Foliage.

Battling Mother Nature at Alpha Fern… results of Freeze Protection during a drop in temperature in Central Florida!

Florida Foliage Farming is not without it’s challenges… Each and every farm we visited talked with respect about “Good Old Mother Nature” and dealing with her “outbursts” of downright “DANGEROUS” weather! Hurricanes and Freeze Protection are what Florida Farmers Fear the Most… and it’s unbelievable how LONG the after effects can last. Jennifer shared damage from Hurricanes nearly a decade ago that can still affect  Production today… it’s something that takes time!

J creates a Sympathy Tribute Wreath using Alpha Ferns “Simply Sympathy” Pre-greened forms… during this Week’s Florida Fresh Tour!

Not only does Alpha Grow the Foliage… but they offer unique SOLUTIONS for Professional Florists that involve “FOLIAGE DESIGN”… I was so impressed with Alpha Fern Company’s “Simply Sympathy” Pre-greened Sympathy Forms… that we will be featuring it in an Upcoming Fun with Flowers and J Episode on uBloom! These Pre-Greened Sympathy Forms… Wreaths, Hearts and Crosses… allow Florists to QUICKLY, EASILY and Affordably create Set Pieces for Celebrations of Life and Sympathy Tributes.

Alpha Fern Team member creating Succulent Gardens to be shipped to Trend Forward Florists Nationwide!

It doesn’t stop with Cut Foliage either… Alpha Fern has successfully introduced a line of Pre-Planted and Designed Succulent Gardens in a variety of sizes that allow Professional Florists to simply, unpack, display and Sell on of the Hottest Trends in the Flower Biz… Succulent Gardens.

J and the Stricklands… Buffi, Jennifer and Joe… a True Florida Foliage Farm Family!

Jennifer, her sister Buffi and Alpha Fern Designer Julie Gennaro, work together with the Alpha Fern Team to deliver a wide assortment of Colorful Florida Foliage, Sympathy and Succulent Solutions for Today’s Professional Florist and Wedding and Event Planner!

Alpha Fern Company Trademark Purple Boxes… Look for them at Fine Floral and Foliage Wholesalers!

So… Sit back… and enjoy a visit to an American Foliage Farm… Visit with Joe Strickland… Tour with Jennifer… and delight in the Design… as we share Alpha Fern Company this week on uBloom.com

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