What’s the DEAL with uBloom and Youtube???

We hear this question a couple times a week … People asking about the uBloom YouTube Channel? What Videos are there? Are they the same as the Videos on uBloom… why are they FREE? What’s up with the show on Youtube… Well… Here’s the LOW Down on our Youtube FREE uBloom PREVIEW Channel…and answers to our FAQ’s about Youtube!!!

Does uBloom have a Channel on Youtube?

Yes… uBloom does have a YouTube channel… the idea behind the Youtube Channel… is to offer a FREE Preview of uBloom… A “tasting” if you will… uBloom has Published  ONE Free Preview… from Each Season of JTV and FUN with Flowers and J on the YouTube Channel to give people an idea of what is available to members on!

What shows are on the Youtube FREE Preview Channel?

There is ONE Free Preview from each of the 20 seasons of JTV (20 shows out of the 260 JTV shows are on Youtube as Previews)… and 4 FUN with Flowers and J shows ( so 4 of 104 Fun with Flowers and J shows are on Youtube as previews too)… Many of these shows are FREE on as well… so it’s merely a 24 show PREVIEW of the over 364 FULL Length Shows Members can watch on!

Can I just watch the Youtube Channel instead of uBloom and Get it ALL for FREE?

NO… we’re finding a few people may have that Misconception…BUT Rest assured… Youtube Visitors and Subscribers ONLY get a VERY SMALL portion of uBloom Video Content or what uBloom has to offer! Youtube only offers a SMALL SAMPLE… and nothing more… We Love (and protect) our uBloom Club Members… so there’s only a Sample of the Club Member Videos available on the Youtube Channel!

YouTube Says there are over 300 shows on the uBloom Channel? What are the other shows… if they aren’t JTV or FUN with FLOWERS and J?

Youtube lists all the videos loaded in the Channel… They are categorized for easy viewing with our Playlists… So many of the videos are Short FRESH CUTS (the same ones you can watch for FREE at… BTW… there’s over 1000 FREE Fresh Cut Short Videos over at …

1.Previews for Other JTV shows… just a 30 second clip telling about the Show Projects
2. Excerpts from J’s Dallas Trend Tours going back to 2010…
3. Gardening Tips from J’s Presentations at Nurseries across the USA
4. Christmas Tips from J’s Presentations…
5. Take 5 Segments from J’s Appearances on the LOCAL ABC Affiliate in Grand Rapids MI WZZM Channel 13… actually several years worth of those…

So you see… there are lots of other really short videos… but again only 24 of the MEMBER Fun with Flowers and J and JTV shows… Members get exclusive privileges and access to the 100′s of How To Full Length videos with their membership at

Are Any of J’s Documentary Series on the Youtube Preview Channel?

As you know… the Florida Fresh Tour, Destination Dallas and CA Grown Experience are FREE on…so the CA Grown Experience… and the Destination Dallas Series…are on the YouTube Channel as Well…  We like to make sure the American Grown Series get plenty of Coverage to help with our Mission about Promoting LOCAL Grown Flowers that are Grown in the USA!

What’s the POINT of offering a YouTube Channel for

That’s the BEST Question!!! uBloom Membership does have it’s privileges… Club uBloom Membership allows members to watch ALL the FUN with Flowers and J Videos (there’s 104) and ALL the JTV (there’s 260)… Plus the Entire CA Grown Series (there’s 30)… Destination Dallas and Florida Fresh Series (that’s another 14)… for a Total of 408 … anytime… as many times as they like…

Along with over 1000 Fresh Cut Videos… (and just so you know… we’re bringing another 1000 or so out of the vault that we’ll be adding soon)… Club uBloom Members have access to Hundreds of How To Videos… they can watch again and again… anytime they like… as often as they like…

PLUS… and Don’t forget this… we add a NEW FUN with Flowers and J Show Each and Every Week… so there’s always a NEW Show waiting in the wings…we just keep adding videos for our Members…

I get it… So there’s Only a FEW uBloom Videos available on Youtube as a PREVIEW… you’re offering a Few Free Samples to encourage uBloom Membership Right?

YOU are sooooo Smart… That’s CORRECT!!!  The 24 Full Length Shows… are just the Tip of the Iceberg… when it comes to uBloom… and while you can certainly ‘wet your whistle’ on YouTube… there’s over 20 times MORE Videos available to Club uBloom Members

Important to note… the Shows on Youtube are the same ones that are FREE at… The YouTube Channel is simply a PREVIEW of what we have to offer… over at!

Thanks for the Questions… I’m so glad we got that cleared up… now Let’s get back to uBloom and learn more about Flower Arranging and Having FUN with FLOWERS!!!