112-uBloom Christmas-Floral

Save TIME and MONEY… this Holiday Season!

Saving Time and Money is a No-Brainer with Continental Floral Greens Pre-Greend Christmas Bouquets.

It’s Never too Early to talk about Saving TIME and MONEY!... and this week on FUN with Flowers and J… I share a Secret that can save you hundreds of $$$$ in the Months to come!

That’s Right… LABOR is the Most Expensive LINE Item in any Professional Flower Shop… and at Christmas Time… we make 100′s of Christmas Arrangements… Centerpieces… Baskets, Sleighs, Mint Julep Cups… and they all have one thing in common… they have dozens of placements of Beautiful Christmas Evergreen… BEFORE We even get to the Flowers, Holly, Pine Cones or Bow…

The Oblong Centerpiece Form is quickly transformed into a Candle Centerpiece by removing a few stems of foliage and then placing the battery operated candle.

So if you could get “Someone Else” to Place all that Evergreen… You could really knock out 100′s of arrangements in a hurry! Well… here’s the Answer…  Continental Floral Greens have created a Line of Christmas Centerpieces that are all ready to go… filled with gorgeous Christmas Greens: Noble, Cedar, Douglass, Juniper… a wonderful mix of Fragrant Evergreens… already placed in flower foam and secured in their container…

You add the Creativity... adding Christmas Favorites Like Red Carnations, Holly, White Spray Chrysanthemums… or Orchids… even Gerbera Daisies… to create the Look, Theme or Color your customers want… and PRESTO… You’re DONE!

The Mint Julep cup has over 21 Evergreen insertions… and since those are completed BEFORE it gets to you… You Save Time INSTANTLY!

This is a NO-Brainer… (or at least it should be)… with several styles, sizes and shapes… these baskets save you dozens of placements of Evergreen… No More Stripping Evergreen Stems, adding bits and pieces… or laboring for HOURS on End…

These Continental Pre-Greened Bouquets are the SOLUTION to keeping your Costs in Line… and for Designers… No More LONG Hours at the Holidays… there’s Time to Decorate the Tree, Attend the Christmas Play and Wrap your Presents…

Baskets are Filled with Evergreen… so you simply add Flowers and Berries to create the Color or Theme you Desire! Brilliant!

BRILLIANT… and EASY… FIND your Nearest Local Resource for these Great TIME Saving Centerpieces in our uBloom Resource Guide… Search under Continental Floral Greens as your Product and FIND the Resource Closest to YOU!!! You can Thank me Later!!

J Schwanke is the Flower Expert and Fun with Flowers and J provide great tips, techniques and products that allow the Professional Florist to save time, and increase profit. uBloom.com is dedicated to supporting and mentoring the Professional Independent Florist and Local Flower Sellers.