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How to arrange flowers: Protea Bridal Bouquet with Burlap and Lace!

Protea are a hot trend for Wedding Bouquets… and Burlap and Lace are equally hot for today’s bride! J uses this American-made (and stitched) ribbon from Reliant Ribbon paired with American-grown Protea from Resendiz Brothers to create a fashion forward Wedding Bouquet and Event Centerpiece!


  1. Carolyn Burns May 9, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    wish J had mentioned names of all of the flowers. i am new to this industry and need to learn the names of flowers, fillers and foliage

    • jadmin May 10, 2018 at 11:11 am

      Hi Carolyn… J here…
      Thank you for the suggestion… as we continue forward with our video productions… we try to mention all the different types of flowers and foliage that are used in the bouquets… we also start most projects with an overhead view of all the flowers that will be used in the videos…

      These items are mentioned in the video…

      In the Bridal Bouquet- I featured the Queen Protea, Brunia (the white ball shaped flowers)- Polar Star Roses,
      White Hypericum… Followed by Chocolate White Nigella, and White Wax Flower…

      In the arrangement also shown in this episode- I featured the King Protea, and it’s Leaves… to form the collar
      Pink Grevelia, Lite Pink Nerine Lilies, Pink Peonies, Pink Matsumoto Asters, Blush Gem Spray Roses, and Pink Lisanthus…

      I hope this information is helpful for your reference… have a flower filled day!

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