TerraGlas Containers are perfect for creating Terrariums!

TerraGlas… Eco-friendly Terrarium Solutions!

TerraGlas Containers are perfect for creating Terrariums!

Terrariums are Popular… and creating a sustainable eco-system inside a glass container can be tricky… alot depends on the container you choose and how you set up your micro-climate!

Having a removable lid for your container that fits securely helps contain the moisture, and create a stable environment for your tropical plants.

Using different garden elements in miniature allow you to create tiny landscapes inside your terrarium…

Sure you can make a terrarium in a container without a lid… but you’ll have limited success… or you’ll need to use succulents or cactus… because without a lid a terrarium won’t be able to sustain a tropical rainforest climate!

TerraGlas from Garcia Group Glass provides the LID Solution for a large quantity of vases… turning them into the perfect terrarium! It’s smart planning… 2 sizes of lids fit a dozen containers transforming them into terrariums. In addition the glass is 100% Post Consumer Recycled Glass… another eco-friendly feature of TerraGlas!
(TerraGlas containers are available from Professional Florists and Floral Supply Resources)

Select compatible plants for your terrarium… plants with similar care requirements will thrive inside the micro-climate!

Here’s a few tips that will help you create successful terrariums…

1. Plenty of Drainage…add rocks first to create a place for water to collect below the soil line. This is where the terrarium can store additional water… and also insure your plants roots won’t sit in soggy soil.

2. Use a potting soil mixture… this also provides adequate drainage… and most soil mixtures include peat… that helps retain moisture in the soil.

3. Use miniature plants… that will grow well together! Resist the urge to mix plants that don’t go together… ferns are not compatible with succulents, tropical plants do well together, while a violet might add color and blooms, it’s too wet inside a terrarium for a voilet! Know your plants… and mix them accordingly!

4. Water your plants ONLY when necessary… with the Lid on the Terrarium it will form moisture… this acts like a rain forest… and your plants will start to create a cycle… leaving the lid in place… will allow the plants to acclimate… and you’ll have a very carefree environment for your plants.

5. Water plants individually… when needed… I use a turkey baster… it allows me to dose a small amount of water to individual plants…

6. Bright Indirect Light helps keep plants growing and thriving… Keeping a terrarium in a dark room isn’t helpful… make sure you terrarium is getting enough light… DIRECT Sunlight can be quite harmful… it can actually cook your plants… so Indirect light is best…

Stairs (from Pot chips) … a beach (silica sand)… add to the detail inside any terrarium.

I have a terrarium on an end table… I planted it over a year ago… I’ve watered it 2 or 3 times in the past year… that’s the only care I have given it… it has it’s own little eco-system… it get’s indirect light… and it’s thriving… I keep an eye on it… but I give it very little care… turning it occasionally helps keep the plants growing in the right direction… It’s an environmental miracle… going on every single day!

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