Linda from Ipswich Flowers perfects her TeePee weaving techniques with J during the break at Green Mountain!

We’ve got a whole lotta Education goin’ on!

A student creating Flowers to Wear during the Flower Power Classes at Green Mountain Florist Supply!

A few weeks back in Burlington VT… Green Mountain Florist Supply held a TWO Day Flower Power Education Event with J Schwanke, Host of “Fun with Flowers and J”!

This idea is catching on all across the country! Professional Florist Education is in high demand… and who better than our own Flower Expert to host a series of hands on classes designed to increase your success in the world of Flowers!

A Selection of fanciful bouts created without traditional wire and taping techniques at the Flower Power Classes with J Schwanke

Green Mountain hosted 4 Classes… 2 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday… “students” could choose from the series of 4… or they could take them all (scoring a discount on the series).

1. Longer Lasting Flowers that Customers RAVE About… sharing care and handling tips… and allowed the students to learn, process and implement care and handling techniques that make Flowers Last LONGER~!

2. Flowers to Wear for Today’s Customers… J shared quick and easy techniques for creating flowers to wear for TODAY… No Tape and wire…. glue and fantastic decorative techniques had students creating jaw-dropping Flowers to Wear!

3. $ave Time and $ave Money during the Holiday Season… the students learned about Brilliant Pre-Made Products, and Fabulous Foliage Solutions that allowed them to create a dozen roses in 2 minutes or less… this class was the most popular (with a waiting list)… teaching Florists how to manage their time, tasks and labor cost most effectively!

4. Wedding Bouquets- Hand tied vs Bouquet Holder… J taught two techniques… for cascade wedding bouquets… a hand tied version and one in the Gala® Bouquet holder (the one J create for FloraCraft)… showing students there was no reason to be intimidated by EITHER Technique!

Wedding Bouquets created in the Gala® Bouquet Holder during the Flower Power Classes.

Students had the opportunity to mingle, network and get one on one time with the Flower Expert and Host of uBloom. Students came from all over New England… and all experience levels…

Linda from Ipswich Flowers perfects her TeePee weaving techniques with J during the break at Green Mountain!

Linda from Ipswich Flowers in Massachusetts took to the road for 3 hours to get 2 days of Flower Power Training… a fellow uBloomer… Linda took the opportunity to get J to teach her how to weave a palm leaf one on one during one of the breaks…

Students have the opportunity to choose their own flowers, style and design technique during J’s classes…

“Education is the Key to any Successful Flower Business… I’m so Proud that Green Mountain took this initiative to hold 2 days of hands on classes to increase the success of their customers” Schwanke said… “Everyone benefits when we learn more about the Flower Industry and the great resources we have at our finger tips!”

Contact your local wholesaler or Flower Association and ASK them to Host uBloom’s Flower Power Classes with J Schwanke. Or contact J directly to suggest a city for 2014 Flower Power Classes