Kelly and I moments before the ceremony outside the Town Hall in Burlington VT... near the marigolds!

A Blue Sports Coat…and American Grown Carnation!

Kelly and I moments before the ceremony outside the Town Hall in Burlington VT… near the marigolds!

During our recent Trip to Burlington VT for a series of Flower Power Classes for Green Mountain Floral Supply… Kelly and I took the opportunity to ‘end our 18 engagement’… by “tying the knot” in the Great State of Vermont!

It took a lot of people by surprise…(not because we were getting married… after all we’ve been together for 18 years)… but perhaps that we’ve waited this long to have a ceremony! We have been patiently waiting for our home state of Michigan to ratify and recognize our right to marry… and in the mean time… Nationally, the repeal of the defense of marriage act (DOMA)… made it possible for us to legally recognized our marital status… at least on a National Level if not in our own state or township!

Kelly and I with the Honorable Andrew Champagne… What a Great Guy!

So with that, it came down to planning a simple ceremony during our visit to Vermont. Everyone we came in contact with during this process was wonderful…from city officials, town hall, justice of the peace, Everyone was so welcoming and helpful in the process. If you ever have the need to marry in Vermont… I would highly recommend Vermont on all counts!

Kelly’s Sweet Moments Rose from Eufloria Flowers in Nipomo CA… Grown in the USA… and sooo fragrant!

We selected Justice of the Peace – Andrew Champagne… simply for his name… who wouldn’t want to be married by Andrew Champagne? You’ll certainly never forget… and he lived up to his name; Andrew is Amazing… so kind, helpful and the perfect officiant for our ceremony. Andrew officiated our simple ceremony… in front of the Town Hall in Burlington… right next to the Marigold Garden… it was perfect!

An American Grown Original… Red Carnation from Akiyama Brothers in Watsonville CA… an True “Endangered Species”…

Believe it or not… our City Clerk was a former Michigan resident… who now lives in Vermont and her parents were (wait for it…) Florists in Michigan! What are the chances??? I’ve learned long ago that things happen for a reason…and the universe never ceases to amaze me.

We also had a visit from the Mayor’s office… thanking us for choosing Vermont for our Wedding and again welcoming us to the Great State of Vermont for our special day!

Enjoying a “Champagne” cocktail at Leunigs in Burlington VT!

Now… here’s the question everyone has been asking.. What about the Flowers???
Good question… Kelly and I both have favorite flowers… so when you have two grooms… it’s important to choose carefully… after all you just have two boutonnieres… Kelly chose his favorite a Sweet Moments Eufloria Rose… grown in Nipomo California by our Friends Andy Koch, Chad Nelson and the Eufloria Crew…so fragrant and incredible!

My choice took a bit more deciding… while my favorite Flower is a stemmed gardenia grown by my childhood Friend Robert Kitayama at KB Farms in Watsonville CA… I chose to wear a Red Carnation… in honor of my Grandfather Carnation Joe Green… who wore a Red Carnation everyday for most of his life… and my dad who continues to wear a red carnation every day… it was my way of honoring them…but there is more…

Koa Wood Rings handmade in Hawaii…

I took the opportunity to wear an “endangered species”… again… my childhood Friend Robert Kitayama came to the rescue… Robert made sure I had one of the Last American Grown Carnation… from Akiyama Brothers in Watsonville… one of America’s Last Carnation Growers…this carnation traveled across the USA to adorn my lapel for this special occasion!

A great quote… above the bar at Leunigs… the perfect motto to kick off a wedding!

Every Wedding is an Event… made better with Flowers… our Flowers were indeed: Extraordinary!  The fragrance of Sweet Moment Roses is intoxicating… and having one of the last American Grown Red Carnations in my lapel… made our day that much more special! These flowers were symbols… of our favorite flowers, friends and intention!

Finally…everyone is asking about the rings… again…Kelly and I wanted something special… and something that would constantly remind us of special times and special places we’ve enjoyed along this journey… We chose Koa wood rings from Hawaii… the Koa Tree grows throughout the islands… and we LOVE Hawaii… the amazing times we’ve shared there with family, friends and of course flowers…

Moments after the end of our 18 year engagement… thanks Andrew for taking this picture!

The rings are definitely conversation starters… (like I need that!! hahaha)… but it was yet another way for us to incorporate another American Grown Botanical into our ceremony!

We celebrated in traditional style at our favorite Burlington hangout Leunigs… with a seat at the bar… and Amazing Bartender Matt… a basket of poutine and some “Champagne cocktails… perfect!

Everyone should celebrate their wedding with Poutine!!!

So… 2 guys, 2 American Grown Flowers, 2 rings and little bit of “Champange”… at the Town Hall in Burlington VT… it couldn’t have been more perfect! Time to celebrate the “end of an 18 engagement”… and start to work on “they lived happily ever after!”…

Our Special Thanks to our Flower Friends, Chad, Robert, Tom, Heather, Gracie and the Green Mountain Crew… for helping us “Turn our Feelings into Flowers!”