J's First Book... "Fun with Flowers- A Guide to selecting, arranging and enjoying beautiful flowers!

“Fun with Flowers” Book Premiere… January 2014

J’s First Book… “Fun with Flowers- A Guide to selecting, arranging and enjoying beautiful flowers!

I’m so Happy to announce my first book… “Fun with Flowers- a Guide to selecting, arranging and enjoying beautiful flowers”… is being published this January!

It’s been a wonderful experience and special thanks to my wonderful flower friend Debra Prinzing (author of Slow Flowers and The 50 Mile Bouquet)… for giving me a ‘gentle push’ to get this first book done! Kelly and I have been working on it since we saw Debra at the Disney Flower Festival in May of this year!

The Book contains 42 of Fun Flower Project with Recipes… and Stories (of course) about my favorite Flowers, Flower friends and Family… It also offers suggestions on tools, containers, flower care and much more…

The book is unique… in that it bridges book learning with visual learning… select projects have videos on uBloom that allow the ‘reader’ to view a complete How to video … we know that many times it’s easier to watch and learn that read instructions… so Fun with Flowers bridges that gap and allows for both! The photography is amazing… my 3 favorite photogs created incredible visuals for my first book premiere!

We’re happy to announce Pre-sales for the book… published at $22.95… we offering signed copies for $20 (plus shipping) for those that order today… The Books are delivered in January and I’ll be signing the Pre-sale Books… before they are shipped!

So… it’s another way for me to share my Love of Flowers and Flower Arranging… I hope you check it out… here’s a link to check out a few pages of “Fun with Flowers by J Schwanke” and order your discounted copy today!  A wonderful New Way to start the NEW YEAR!!!