Tillandsia from Garden's America are starring in the Week's Fun with Flowers and J Episode on uBloom!

Garden’s America… For Tillandsia and Succulents!

Tillandsia from Garden’s America are starring in the Week’s Fun with Flowers and J Episode on uBloom!

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Colleen Taber… owner of Garden’s America… you’ve met a very special flower lady! Colleen is one of those special people whose Passion for Flowers became her Job… and thus we all benefit!

For decades… after my family got out of the Chrysanthemum business… we had a standing order for Garden’s America Pompons… and they were amazing… they came in every week… beautiful blooms and long laterals… a Florist’s Dream…

Garden’s America is owned by Colleen Tabor… Welcome our NEW Fun with Flowers and J Sponsor!

Learn more about the History of Garden’s America.

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… we showcase one of the newest offerings of Garden’s America… their AIr Fern aka Tillandsia... The Tillandsia is a true Epiphyte.. a plant that lives upon another purely for physical support… (it’s NOT A Parasite)…

More examples of Garden’s American Air Ferns in Shell Containers… from this Week’s Fun with Flowers and J Show!

And they simply need moisture to survive… that’s why these amazing plants are so popular in today’s Flower Markets… they need an occasional misting… and they can live just about anywhere!

View Garden’s America On Line Catalog.

Colleen saw the Trend coming in Tillandsia (and Succulents) and has been working overtime at Garden’s America to insure that flower and plant lovers can get their “FIX” of these amazing and Popular Plants…

Tillandsia and Succulents are featured prominently throughout the NEW uBloom Trend Synthesis in the Voyager and Nude Trends… and their popularity just keeps growing…

Tiny Tillandsia are at home just about anywhere… and require very little care… the Perfect Desk Top Companion!

List of Garden’s America Distributors

To Find your local resources for Garden’s America Products… visit the uBloom Professional Resource Guide… (http://ubloom.com/store-locations/gardens-america) to learn more about Garden’s America… and the flower sellers that provide these amazing products. The Tillandsia in this week’s Fun with Flowers Episode came from Brannan Street in the San Francisco Flower Mart… and Colleen’s covering the globe with great resources!

Help us in welcoming our NEW uBloom Sponsor… and a Woman Owned Company…
Garden’s America… and her Fantastic Air Fern and Succulents! WOW!

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