Only Bleeding Hearts... NO "heartbleed"... uBloom is Safe and Secure!

Only “Bleeding Hearts” … uBloom is SAFE (NO “heartbleed”)

Only Bleeding Hearts… NO “heartbleed”… uBloom is Safe and Secure!

Heartbleed Security Update
As you may have heard, a security vulnerability called the “Heartbleed bug” surfaced this past week. The Heartbleed bug which became publicly known on April 7, 2014, is a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The bug affected many well-known websites and could have exposed sensitive account information such as passwords and credit card information.

Rest assured that we have taken measures to access and certify that uBloom was unaffected by the vulnerability caused by the Heartbleed bug. We are happy to report that we have no indication that uBloom nor our community members’ information was affected, or compromised.

Recommended Action if you choose…
We do, however, recommend that you periodically change your password to your uBloom account.  We employ the highest security features on uBloom that will time out after a specific amount of time… creating the necessity to login again… we have employed this security feature from day one… to be sure your information is safe and secure!

To change your password…

1. Login to using your username and password…
2. click on the “MY PROFILE” tab on the home page…
3. From your profile page… click on the “update my profile” in the right corner
4. Under Account information… Change your Password and Confirm

For more information… contact our support team at

Screencap of the Certification Site used to detect the heartbleed virus!