Analyze and Apply Trends with Help from J!

REVOLUTIONARY New Concept in Trend Synthesis!

Analyze and Apply Trends with Help from J!


Floral Professionals know that flower design closely follows the trends popular in the fashion industry…and that flower arrangements mimic these trends in floral materials, containers, style and color.  But, with the extremely fluid nature of trends…the constant changing, emerging, shifting and sometimes conflicting information coming from many global sources…it’s can be quite a challenge for floral designers to sort through all the hype to find the true trend markers.  Analyzing trends is only half of the process…floral designers then need to APPLY these trends to their designs as well.  This requires in-depth knowledge and a keen sense of which trends will translate well into flower design and attract customer’s attention & dollars.

With many years of expertise in Marketing & Design, J Schwanke makes it his job to stay ahead of the trends…and luckily for us…he has created a revolutionary new system in Analyzing & Applying Trends…Introducing the NEW uBloom Trend Analysis® Concept!  Packed FULL of incredible information that will assist Floral Professionals of all genres, the uBloom Trend Analysis sorts through (makes sense of) and communicates classic, current and emerging trends and translates them into floral design!

Using a system of coordinating Videos, Projects, Concepts and a generous Brochure, the uBloom Trend Analysis presents FOUR Concepts that are BROAD in scope, and elements from ONE can move easily to another to help Communicate the Appropriate Color, Feel or Theme of any Wedding or Special Event…

The Four Concepts are
2. Tropical Texture (comping September 2012)
3. Eco Green (coming November 2012)
4. Health & Wealth (coming January 2013)
J will be covering the 4 concepts in full on FUN with Flowers and J…with each concept having 2 FWFJ webisodes dedicated to exploring the individual themes and creating a project.  (Club uBloom Members will have access to the videos.  Non-members can see a FREE preview and download each uBloom Trend Analysis webisode for only $2 each for your archives)
Each Concept has a Featured Arrangement (PROJECT) and a Coordinating  list of Flowers, Foliages, Ribbons, Elements, Containers and Color Palette.
The 6 page, FULL Color Brochure will feature all the Concepts, Projects and Elements and will be available at J’s LIVE EVENTS and through Suppliers (Manufacturers, Wholesalers, etc) that grow the Flowers & Foliages and make the Products featured in the uBloom Trend Analysis.
Stay tuned to uBloom for continuing updates and information on the uBloom Trend Analysis Concept!