Dutch Roots in America Soil... Benno Dobbe and the perfect soil for growing Dutch Bulbs!

Dutch Roots in American Soil!

Dutch Roots in America Soil… Benno Dobbe and the perfect soil for growing Dutch Bulbs!

In 2013… I visited Holland America for the first time… it was during our tours of Flower Farms at the “Fun in Sun” Convention hosted by Cal-flowers!

It was a treat to Meet Benno Dobbe.. the president of Holland America… this Dutch born Flower Farmer- is one Amazing Individual… It doesn’t take long talking to Benno to get “infected” with his Passion for Growing for Flowers!

The Dobbe Family… 18 members strong… and the backbone of this American Grown Flower Farming Operation!

Benno searched out the perfect location for his flower farm “Holland America” in the 80s… and settled in Arroyo Grande CA… where the soil was nearly an exact match for the soil he grew up on in the Netherlands…

Working with many of the varieties of Flowers that come from Holland America…including a personal favorite: FREESIA!!!!

It’s the pairing of this Soil… and Benno’s Passion for Flowers… that allows Holland America to harvest Millions of Freesia and Lilies… from this CA Flower Farm YEAR ROUND… yep I said “MILLIONS of Stems”…

Lydia Dobbe.. the next generation of Dutch American Flower Farmers at Holland America

The other thing that is unique about Holland America is their Dutch Heritage… and it’s something that Benno is passing down from Generation to Generation… During our Visit in 2013 and also in April 2014… we got the opportunity to see his youngest Granddaughter Lydia (named after Benno’s Mother)… in her Traditional Dutch apparel complete with Dutch Bunny!

Check out our Pinterest Board that features a collection of Photography we shot during our visit to Holland America… Benno, Lydia and Bunny included!

A Historical shot of the Young Dobbe family… and Benno’s Caprice Classic… that provided transportation to and from CA and WA.

The rich history, life-long dedication and unbridled Passion for Flowers… is all part of “Business as usual” with this American Grown Flower Family! Check out my visit to Holland American this week on uBloom.com!

The Holland America show is Free to watch or download… a perfect opportunity to add this CA Grown Experience to your #AmericanGrown Flower Farm Video Collection!