It's easy to create a heart shape with flower petals- here I used Green Fugi Spray Chrysanthemum petals...

5 Tips for ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day!

Bouquet in a Box - for Valentine’s Day!’s Top 5 Tips for an AMAZING Romantic Valentine’s Day (Wink! Wink!)

by J Schwanke, The Flower Expert

As a guy – you want this Valentine’s Day to be that “I Love YOU Soooo Much” kind of day right? So, here’s 5 quick tips you should follow when it comes to buying flowers for your Sweetheart!

  1. Choose colors other than red! Surveys tell us that guys “THINK” red roses are women’s favorite… but actually, the findings of the Society of American Florist tell us peach, and orange are far more favored by the ladies!

And due to the demand, every red rose on the planet is cut for Valentine’s Day… which means their peach, and orange cousins (or any color besides red) may be better quality and even priced lower. Plus – she likes them better! Duh, it’s a no-brainer!

  1. Deliver the flowers yourself! Make time to stop by the flower shop, select your flowers and take them to her in person. I spent 12 years delivering flowers.  I can testify that you’ll want to experience her reaction to the flowers! Get the glory – and the hugs and kisses – and more.  She’ll never forget that you went that extra step! Yep… I said “Hugs and Kisses”…

Another plus – delivering flowers yourself will save you a delivery fee… and endear you to your florist. They have enough to accomplish – you’ll be helping them out. Some savvy sellers even offer a discount if you agree to “Deliver Yourself”!

  1. Choose flowers other than roses. I know guys, it’s easy to say, “I want a dozen red roses,” but wouldn’t you like to be that “unique and interesting” guy? The guy that gave orchids or maybe fragrant gardenias? Or an exotic protea? Tulips (Two-LIPS…get it???). Lilies or freesia are romantic too!

Consider long-lasting or fragrant flowers as well. When YOUR flowers have long outlasted the others – or as they fill the room with fragrance – she’ll remember – YOU (you little devil!!).

  1. Don’t forget extended family! Flowers make everyone’s day and Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers – it’s for loved ones too! Remember your Mom, Mother-in-Law (hint-hint), Daughter, Sister, Grandma. Perhaps someone you know has suffered a loss this year may not be getting a Valentine – wouldn’t you like to remember them?

Valentine’s Day is about Love. We all need to be kind to one another, and flowers help us say what we sometimes can’t say with words! Be THAT guy! (Or be that gal – ladies don’t forget your guys – or single girlfriends – as well!)

  1. My final tip – to borrow a well-known phrase – JUST DO IT! And by that I mean, REMEMBER! We’re all busy – so plan ahead and don’t put it off. Do it today! Do it now! You get the best selection. And you can make the FIRST impression at her workplace – give her flowers on Wednesday or Thursday.

Flowers in the workplace are especially great, because they “show off” how awesome you are! She can brag about you all week and start planning your romantic reward for Valentine’s Day Night!! You know EXACTLY what I mean.

One last reminder – whatever your choice in flowers, PLEASE call or visit a  LOCAL Flower Shop. Whenever possible, spend your money with someone you know – down the street or your neighbor. Avoid the 800 numbers or online Wire Services. You’ll get more for money when you shop local (*make a personal connection with a shop in another town for your loved ones who are not local).
Make that connection with your local flower seller! Choose your flowers and deliver them yourself – and Share the LOVE – with Flowers this Valentine’s Day!

Valentines day is all about the Flowers, buddy. Now let’s do this!