Skin the Calla Lily...

Skin your Calla Lilies – Bubble Bowl Project!

Calla Lilies have really stable stems… and I love to share this project- where you skin the Callas-using your Knife to remove the “SKIN” on one side
of the stem of a Mini Calla Lily… then you can weave them around the inside of a bubble bowl… it’s a Fun trick and makes you look like an expert!

Skinning one side of the Calla stem- will make the calla super flexible… and allow you to create Interesting and Creative Arrangements…like this bubble bowl… the flexible stems can be placed around the inside of the bubble bowl… this also works in a lily bowl too…

Start at the Bottom of the stem…  grasp the edge
of the “skin” on one side of the stem… and gently
pull it away…from the bottom all the way up to the bloom.

It comes off in one neat tidy strip…  VOILA…

This does make the Calla last a little less long… but the result will be worth the sacrafice… it’s a fun way to display callas… and friends will think you worked for hours!!!

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P.S. Watch me us this “Trick” to create the arrangement pictured-