Weave a Palm Leaf

Weave a Palm Leaf into a Nautilus Shell…

Would you like to learn how to make this….

It’s a Palm Leaf (*actually TeePee Foliage – a type of Palm)… that I braided into a “nautilus shell” type shape…

It’s Easy… and surprising similar to making a French Braid…

Only with a Palm Leaf…..

Even my Take 5 Friend Stephanie got into it…. Stephanie is now the
host of Studio 10 Live in Tampa/St Pete… but this was back when she was here in Grand Rapids on Take 5…

There’s another link where I share the technique step by step…
here’s that video too… www.uBloom.com/WeavePalmLeaves

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P.S. See… it’s Easy and FUN…..if Stephanie can do it… anybody can! heheheh! Just joking Steph!!!