Cold Water Processing

Cold water convert- ICE ICE BABY!

I’m a COLD Water Processing Convert…I know… you’re probably used to
using warm water for flowers— or thing that’s the ONLY Way!

I was raised in the Flower Biz… and it took
me by Surprise too…

But Cold Water is Better than Hot or Warm
for your Flowers! And the colder the water the better…

Here’s the FACTS:
1. Cold Water Reduces Bacteria Growth
2. Cold Water has less AIR in it (that can get
trapped in the vascular system of flowers)
3. Cold Water doesn’t create water vapor…
(that can cause condensation and botrytis)
4. Warm Water doesn’t make Flowers Open
faster!- this is the hardest one to believe… but it’s TRUE!

Fill your buckets with Flower Nutrient water as usual…
If you need cold water faster… you can add ice… but be cautious!
When Adding ICE to cool water… measure
… so you don’t dilute your Flower Nutrients!

Put Buckets of Water in the Cooler overnight
to pre-cool the water BEFORE Processing.
(I love this tip)

Reuse ICE PACKS or Bags of Ice… by placing
Sealed Packs or Bags in buckets to cool
water temperature…without diluting the water

Remove packs before adding flowers to the buckets!

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P.S. Ice… Ice… Baby!