The benefits of lemon juice are numerous... and helpful around the garden!

Pucker up- Lemon Juice Benefits!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

I created this arrangement using fresh lemons… here’s a link to the video that shows how to create this (ACTUALLY – Very EASY) Impressive arrangement with Lemons, Roses, and Delphinium …

The Video get’s people excited…it’s been viewed over 23k times… WOW…

The reason I reference the arrangement is because it includes Lemons…and I love Lemons…

I love the color, the fragrance, the shape… the way they sit on the edge of my cocktail glass.. hehehe… but I digress… 

Lemons are also quite useful… and here’s some tips for using Lemons and
Lemon Juice… Natural Tips:

Weed Killer Cocktail: Mix a Dash of Lemon Juice, a generous Splash
of White Vinegar and 1 ounce of cheap gin in 8 oz. of water… Spray
on weeds… Very Effective on a Warm Day!

Pest Control: Squirt Lemon Juice around windowsills and doorjams
to repel ants!

Save Flowering Shrubs: Mix a Mild Soapy solution with a Squeeze
of Lemon juice.. Spray on plants to keep pests away!

Pretty amazing huh… and all thanks to that little lemon…

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P.S. Pucker up baby…