Flower Dogs- Crowning Achievement!

Trend Watch- Dogs IN the Wedding!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

Trend Watch: Pet Loving Fashion Conscious Brides
are including their dogs in the Wedding…

I know this has been going for quite a while… I recall posting about it back in 2012… maybe even before… but the trend keeps continuing…

In fact… it makes national news… Baltimore Ravens Center- Jeremy Zuttah- would not get married unless his dog could walk down the aisle… Read more here!

And recently… a bride made internet news by carrying her elderly dog down the aisle… an amazing story here!

I posted a blog a few weeks back about my cousins wedding back in the 70′s (that’s over 40 years ago)… where they had their dog as an attendant… and I created flowers…

So this trend has been growing for decades… hehehe!

Anyway you cut it… it proves our pets are just as much part of our family as anyone… and having our best friend at the wedding makes the day complete!

We’ve produced a couple of videos on uBloom.com about creating flowers for dogs… One for garlands around their neck and another for flower crowns…

You can watch the previews here…

Flower crowns for Dogs on uBloom.com

Flower Garlands for Dogs on uBloom.com

Adorning them with Flowers…. Just like other family
members… is a fun way to make the celebration even more special… and of course our best friend love it too

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P.S. When you include your dog…  EVERYONE enjoys the celebration!