Popular trend, and these durable little plants don't mind the extra color enhancement!

Painted Succulents… Trending!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke
Succulents are All the Rage… that trend just keeps rolling…

And years ago… Kelly and I saw painted succulents at Horti-Fair and the Alsmeer flower show… that was merely the beginning for this trend…

Today we’re seeing painted succulents everywhere… the durability of these amazing little plants allows them to be painted any color… and adding a colorful keepsake to your arrangement, planter or desk couldn’t be easier!

My Friend Barbara at Brannan Street can’t keep these COLORFUL
adaptations in Stock…

We featured a show on uBloom.com about painting succulents to add a rose gold accent to wedding bouquets…. and one of my recent Flower Thoughts about metallic succulents had record shares and follows…
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Painted Succulents… are a perfect way to match any color! In this case they are painted blue… but you can use any color that you like… Imagine–the possibilities… WOW!

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P.S. A “True Blue” Trend… Succulents!