More Flowers Please

Petal it Forward- Flower Smiles in Grand Rapids!

Smiles and Flowers- Petal it forward

Hitting the Streets with #petalitforward with Kim Carson in Grand Rapids MI

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

The Society of American Florists- flower awareness event- “Petal It Forward” brought Flowers and Smiles to Grand Rapids Michigan on Wednesday October 19, 2016

With my Flower Friends- Anchor Women, Hosts, and Radio Celebrities… Lauren Stanton, Jennifer Pascua, Catherine Behrendt and Kim Carson… we hit the streets of downtown Grand Rapids to #petalitforward with CA Grown Tulips from Sun Valley Flower Farm in hand…

Petal it forward with Tulips!

Petal It Forward gifted 2 bunches of Tulips from Sun Valley Flower Farm in Grand Rapids

The concept behind #PetalitForward is simple… share the positive effects of Flowers with everyone! Research done by Dr. Haviland Jones in multiple studies (See the studies here at proves that flowers help us feel happier, chase away depression and make us feel better. In fact homes with Flowers have fewer disagreements- WOW!

Petal it forward Gals!

Preparing to Petal it Forward in Grand Rapids MI with uBloom!

Jenn, Lauren, Catherine and Kim bring sunshine where ever they go… and add flowers to that mix and we’ve got SUPER SUNSHINE… working with these ladies to pass out 2 bunches of flowers to people on the street was heartwarming and so very special.

We started off the day LIVE on “My West Michigan”… talking about the Event we were holding downtown that day… here’s that video!

The idea behind the campaign is to gift someone with a bunch of flowers… (the smiles start here!!)… they love the flowers… and then we reinforce the message further by supplying another bunch that they can give to someone else… (once again sharing positive benefits of gifting flowers)… Thus we are “Petalling it forward”…

More Flowers Please

The reactions are the best part… this Enthusiastic Flower recipient was All about the Flowers!

The biggest surprise is how people react… they are surprised it’s FREE… they are delighted to get flowers (Who wouldn’t be Delighted)…and then surprise again that they can give some to someone else…

Seeing the smiles as they walk away or watching them dash off to hand them to the next person they see… it’s amazing avalanche effect… The smiles just keep coming…

Jennifer Pascua – hosted a broadcast for WZZM – from the event in Rosa Parks Circle… and ran it on the 5pm News… here’s that video!

Petal it forward friends!

Petal it forward is all about sharing the Love of flowers!

Another interesting observation… people posting on social media… All bunches were tagged to encourage people to share photos and #petalitforward…  Many comments stated that they couldn’t wait to “Petal it forward” themselves… and they could do it anytime!

What a great idea… proving that you truly can “Petal it forward”… Thanks to Flowers!!!!