Portland boasts smallest park!

The World’s Smallest Park- Mills End, Portland OR!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

We all love a park… nothing like taking a stroll through a park… or taking the family for a picnic… or playing fetch with your dog…

Parks are amazing… I grew up across the street from a Park- Van Andle park… it had tennis courts and an ice skating rink in the winter… and lots of playground equipment…

When I moved to Atlanta… I loved to go to Piedmont Park… it was a gather place… and on the weekend it would be full of people… walking, running, skateboarding or roller blading… and it was a big part of the community!

The World’s Smallest Park… is called “Mill Ends”. It was dedicated in 1948

and was created by Dick Fagen… 24 inches in Diameter… this official US Park is only covers 452 square inches of area… you can see it in the picture…

“Mill Ends” is located at SW Naito Parkway and Taylor Street…in Portland Oregon.  It’s worth a visit… but it’s really hard to lay out a picnic or do an serious skateboarding… hehehe

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P.S. Dick Fagen was pretty creative for his time… and it brings to mind this wonderful quote… “Bloom where you’re Planted”….  Mills End… exactly!