Better Hydrangeas- from GroFlowers

Amazing Hydrangeas from GroFlowers! WOW!

Better Hydrangeas- from GroFlowers

These amazing hydrangeas are out of this world… fresh, long lasting and huge!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

I had the delightful opportunity to meet Jaime Ruiz during my visit to Bogota Colombia a year ago for the ProFlora flower show. We got to see his wide variety of hydrangeas up close and personal in Bogota.

This week on Fun with Flowers and J… I got the chance to work with them… and actually use them for an outdoor wedding setting… using raquettes and zip ties to create an event setting with these gorgeous jumbo white hydrangeas.

As you know… I’m pretty particular and it’s sometimes not easy to impress me with flowers… but Jaime’s Hydrangeas are incredible. These hydrangeas are immense… with hundreds of blooms that make up these giants bloom… and with a pristine pure white color… these hydrangeas are the best of the best!

We got the hydrangeas in – and here’s another amazing step they take at Groflowers- in special packaging.. each bloom is wrapped in easy to remove paper… (these papers protect the flowers and also absorb moisture-preventing damage during transportation)… in addition the boxes are chambered.. and lined with bubble wrap… you would think this would make such a difference but it was truly rewarding and the Hydrangeas performed wonderfully!

Special Patented packaging insure that Groflower hydrangeas arrive in perfect condition.

Special Patented packaging insure that Groflower hydrangeas arrive in perfect condition.

The “Easy Peel” paper saves so much time… because it peel’s off easily… (as stated) and saves so much time in processing…  It’s a wonderful upgrade for anyone that has spent too much time removing the plastic bags off hydrangeas… YOU Know what I mean!

Finally… the lasting quality was even better… I had the hydrangeas in this photo and for the show for over one week… to open up to full potential… we created this setting in August of 2016… in 90 + degree weather… and these and other hydrangeas from GroFlowers were in buckets in non-temperature controlled shaded areas for 2 full days with no dehydration or failure…

I’m impressed… and you should be too… If you would like to download the FREE Varietal Poster of Hydrangeas from GroFlowers- follow this link to submit your request… in addition you will be sent a list of the local distributors for these amazing hydrangeas…

To Learn more about GroFlowers and their dedication to World Class Hydrangeas visit their website at