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Best Cutting Tool for Flowers- Swiss Army Knife!

Cut flowers with Swiss army knife

Locking blade Swiss Army knives are the best tool for cutting flowers!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

I get asked a lot about my favorite tool for cutting flowers… and ‘hands down”… I always have the same response… I Love my Locking Blade Swiss Army Knife… and it’s truly is the Preferred tool for Cutting Flowers…

A sharp knife is always going to be your best “Friend” when it comes to arranging flowers…

A 45 degree angle cut is ideal… and aids in water uptake… (watch video)

I show you how to cut with a knife so that you will never have an issue or challenge with cutting yourself… if you use my simple leverage method and keep you knife and thumb parallel at all times… you’ll give your flowers expert cuts all the time…

Why is the cutting so important , you might ask… It’s simple…

Longer cuts can shred the vascular system of the flower…so having a sharp knife and knowing exactly how to cut will make your flowers last longer…

Here’s another tip too… Keep your knife clean… bacteria can transfer from Knife to Stem… so I advise using Chrysal’s Professional Cleaner (the one for buckets) to clean your tools too… it’s available in the uBloom store… or at many flower supply houses.

One more cool thing about Swiss Army Locking blade knives… is the NEW fashion colors so you can choose your favorite color of knife… to spice up your flower arranging….

Choose your knife color!

NEW from Swiss Army- fashion color design knives- perfect for any flower arranger!

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P.S. Scissors???? NEVER Ever… Cut it out… hehehe!
Scissors crush the vascular system of the flower… so a knife is always better!