Mel Schwanke featured in Book!

Forever Heros- Featuring my Dad!

Mel Schwanke featured in Book!

Featuring my 90 year WWII Veteran- Mel Schwanke

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

I recently visited my Folks in Nebraska… during my semi Annual Trip to Campbell’s Nursery for their Holiday Seminars…

We went out to lunch with Mom and Dad… (Everyone always asks about them)… They are doing very well… both are in good help and still independent… Dad is 91 and Mom is 86… they still dress in matching outfits every day… and Mom is painting… she’s just started this new Hobby…  and I am I calling her “Joey Moses”… she doing great with her new found artistry…

And Dad is ever faithful and by her side all the time… Doing Well!

Mom and Dad were proud to share this newest feature… a Book created by Joyce Winfield Phd… “FOREVER HEROS”… featuring the stories of Nebraska WWII Veterans… each with their own chapter and amazing stories… told through their own words…

I’ve heard my Dad’s Stories many times… and it was great to see them written down with such wonderful collaborating information… it makes them even more vivid… and sometimes frightening… but at the same time… it gives a true picture of what it was like to be a soldier in WWII…

My dad never really spoke about the horrors of war… more over his place in it… and how he felt honored to be part of Marines- fighting for freedom for everyone! That is one of many reasons I stand in AWE of my father… as he fought for our Country and the freedoms that we all enjoy!

I’m happy this book found it’s way into being.. it’s a remarkable record of these great men and women and their profound stories! My Dad being just one of them!

If interested- you can support “Forever Heros” with a donation to their indiegogo campaign and receive a free book- I highly recommend it! Click Here!

Thank you Dad… for your service and bloodshed… that all men and women may live free!