Mist your Tree with Chrysal Glory!

Fresher Tree- Longer – with Chrysal Glory!


Mist your Tree with Chrysal Glory!

Keep your Christmas Tree Fresher longer with Chrysal Professional Glory!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

It’s important to keep your FRESH Christmas Tree – looking fresh and help it to retain it’s moisture through the holiday!

Everyone want’s a FRESHER TREE…

A Fresh Tree is a happy tree… and here’s the SECRET (PLUS it’s easy!) …

Coating your Fresh Christmas Tree with
Chrysal Professional Glory... is just that easy… once you’ve cut the tree (and got it into water… See my earlier blog)…

COAT The TREE… (several times even… I buy 2-3 bottles of Chrysal Glory for a 7 foot tree… Buy it here!)

Letting it dry… and Repeating…

This process will Extend the Life of your Christmas
Tree… just like it does for FRESH Flowers!!!

Remember to use it full strength… and don’t dilute!

Watch my video about using Chrysal Glory Here!

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P.S. Just another Reason to LOVE Chrysal Glory!!!!!