Float Soak for Better Saturation!

TIP- Float Soak your Flower Foam!


Float Soak for Better Saturation!

Always allow your flower foam to float soak… never push the foam under water!

Here’s a Great Flower arranging tip… for soaking the flower foam…

Always Float Soak your Flower Foam…

Allowing the Flower Foam to float freely…in a deep container of flower nutrient water will allow the water to be pulled into the foam naturally… and prevent any air pockets from forming inside the foam brick…

NEVER push the foam into the water… likewise NEVER pour running water over a brick of unsoaked foam… both of these methods cause the water to rush in from all sides and trap air in the center of the flower foam.

Always soak your flower foam in water that has been treated with Flower Nutrients… I prefer Chrysal Professional Flower Foods… and you can purchase them on the uBloom Website… www.uBloom.com/BuyChrysal

Float Soaking the Block will insure the entire block will soak
evenly and completely…

One more hint… use Cold water… Warm water only promotes bacteria growth!

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P.S. Visual Learning? = Check out this video about Float Soaking Foam!