EASY Dozen Roses (7-4-1 & you’re done!) – Flowers 101

This simple mechanic will result in a beautiful dozen roses every time…and it makes no difference if you are cutting the roses Short or Long. In this video, I use the technique with a short frosted vase and no foliage for the popular mounded looks.
When it comes to LONG Stem roses, the technique is the same. I start with a Fabulous Foliage Bouquet from FernTrust…I love the Green Bouquet! Cut and drop the Green Bouquet into the vase and then add 7 shorter stemmed Roses on the first level. Then place 4 longer roses in the center of the 7 and finally, 1 longest in the center of the 4!
This technique allows ANYONE to create a Stunning Dozen roses…and it’s Easy and Fast. That’s why I call it the EASY Dozen… simply put…7-4-1 and you’re Done!