4 Flower Trends for 2017

Flower Trends for 2017- Get while their HOT!!!

4 Flower Trends for 2017

4 Hot NEW Flower Trends… great ways to share flowers!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

I’m proud to say that our uBloom Trend Synthesis- is the World’s Most Popular Trend Report for Flowers… we go about a little differently at uBloom.

We take into consideration the availability of Flowers, Foliage, Colors and accessories … like vases and ribbon. We curate selections for each trend…. and make sure that we are seeing enough support in the market – so that the trend can be easily translated and interrupted.

It’s a different approach but it also makes our Trend Report a great deal more valuable. All of the vases and containers we use are readily available… this year the featured containers are from Accent Decor and Syndicate Sales.

The same goes for Colors and Ribbon… the curated Color Palettes are from Design Master and easy to get… whether at a flower distributor, retail florist or craft store. The curated Ribbon collections are from Reliant Ribbons bows and trims… one of the foremost ribbon manufacturers in the world!

We establish, collect and photograph a Flower and Foliage sample for each trend. That selection is used to create an arrangement that translates the Trend simply and beautifully. Sharing the description of the trend in both text and through the palettes and arrangements… we help translate these popular trends for any occasion, event or topic!

This week on uBloom… we have a show dedicated to the new trends that feature the arrangements and also a how to portion of the show that demonstrates step by step the process of creating a “Garden Centered” Arrangement… featured in one of the 4 trends… It’s free… and you can check it out here!


In addition… we continue our 6 page Trend Report… we decided last year to create the uBloom Trend Report as a Digital file… it’s easy to download…  www.uBloom.com/Trends2017

Then you can view it on any device… you can print it… or use it as a reference for your next project, event or arrangement. The useful Color and Flower/Foliage Palettes… give you inspiration and help inspire you to translate the trends in unique can creative ways!

We think you’ll find the 4 Trends for 2017- Exciting, Innovative and Valuable… plus with all elements being available and supported by throughout out the marketplace… Flower Trends have never been simpler!

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