Just a friendly reminder guys, women prefer peach, pink or orange to RED... even at Valentines Day!

Survey Says- Women prefer PEACH Roses

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

Here’s some Valuable Information- especially handy this week…

(HINT- Valentine’s Day- guys)

A survey taken by the Society of American Florists-  results tell us…

Women Prefer Peach Roses,  (and Pink… even Orange)
to the Traditional RED Roses .. selected by most Men!

While Most men gravitate to the Familiar and Popular RED Rose
associated with Valentine’s Day… a better choice could be Peach Roses (#1)
Or Pink (close 2nd)… or even Orange…

And chances are… you might get a better deal on Non-Red Flowers
… just sayin’… it’s worth asking… for sure!

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P.S. Something to keep in mind for Valentine’s Day! A little Help…