Better Hydrangeas- from GroFlowers

Flower Attachments on Gazebos!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

I love getting questions from my flower fans and followers… and the questions are so good… we need to share!

I’ll be posting a selection of great questions… with my answers… as part of my blog… it will give us a chance to share the great info… and the uBloom Luv!

The names will be changed to protect the innocent (do any of you remember Dragnet??)… but the valuable question and information will be intact! This question is about “foam attachments to a gazebo to make flower placement possible!

Better Hydrangeas- from GroFlowers

These amazing hydrangeas are out of this world… fresh, long lasting and huge!

Question: Good Morning,
I am a ubloom member.  Later this month I will be doing a wedding where there is a gazebo that will be decorated.  Can you suggest the best type of floral foam holder to use for an arrangement to be hung at the top center of the gazebo opening?  Also what is the best method to secure it to the gazebo?  There are regularly spaced openings at the top so that isn’t an issue.  I would appreciate your suggestions.  Thank you!

I like using the Raquettes or Spray Bars from Oasis…
and attaching them – after they are soaked in flower nutrient water…
to the gazebo structure with ZIP TYES… I use the black Zip Ties…
and if I need to … I attach several together to make a longer one…
that can be tightened and securely attached…

Here’s a Video on uBloom… that shows I how I attached them..
to a outdoor arbor… you could use the same technique for the gazebo!

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I hope this is helpful… have a flower filled day!