Training Flower Artists of Tomorrow- at uBloom!

From a Fan: Hi just want to say thank you for being a inspiration to me , I am studying Floristry in England and I always check your YouTube videos for inspiration and knowledge on designs . I have taken inspiration from one of your arrangements for my college peace and now I am waiting for the results. Would like to know what you think?

Background: This was the arrangement from a Video we have at uBloom.com-

It’s also one of a few – previews we have for Fun with Flowers on our Youtube Channel-

JTV_19425The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

Results: Here’s the Photos- from this Young Flower Artist’s Interpretation -It’s stunning and even more beautiful… I love when someone takes the inspiration and adds their own unique creativity – and the results are even BETTER!!

And my response: It’s lovely … and you did a tremendous interpretation… Congratulations on your testing… I hope you do well!!! Have a Wonderful Day and thank you so much for sharing the images with us!!!

The FINAL Result- Exam Passed and Medals all around… WOW!!!



Further Response: AWESOME … that’s Wonderful… love it… You took it to another level… Thanks so much for sharing… It’s BEAUTIFUL… congratulations my friend! Great JOB!!!!
I adore it… when our viewers send in their projects- inspirations, creations and flower arrangements… It’s fun to see the passion for flowers- blooming every where… That’s what uBloom is all about!How will yoU-Bloom???J