How to Arrange Flowers_Stemmed Gardenias!

Best Practices – Gardenias in a Box?

How to Arrange Flowers_Stemmed Gardenias!

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

Question: Hello, I just received the gardenias I ordered for a wedding this weekend.
They are packaged 3 to a box.
I want to make sure I am treating them properly. I left them in the box and put them I. The cooler.
Should I have a water source with them? The stems are short so wasn’t sure what to do.
Thanks for all your advice.

Answer: Commercially Gardenias come sealed in a plastic coated cardboard box
with three blooms- held in place by templates in the box…The box is sealed inside plastic
so you can view the Gardenias… and see their quality!

Yes… Placing them in a cooler in their sealed box is the best way to insure their best performance.
Since they are sealed in the box… there is no need to provide a water source…

Removethem from the box when you are ready to design is the best practice..
once they are placed into the arrangement… you may wire and tape them to extend the length
of the stem…

A great hint for gardenias is to keep your hands wet during handling… this prevents damaging the
Blooms with your fingers, fingerprints or oils from your hands… I prefer to spray my hands with
Chrysal Professional Glory… and then work with them ever so gently…

Once your hand work- or bouquet work has been completed…
Spray the blooms with Chrysal Professional Glory… being sure to coat them front and back… that is
the best way to insure they will last and be beautiful for the event… shake off any excess…

Once you have added them to a corsage or boutonniere be sure to place the flowers to wear inside a plastic
bag or clear glassine box… and place them back into the cooler… (or refrigerator) the best temperature
for storage is between 34 an 38 degrees F.

Or if placed in a bouquet… it’s best to place the bouquet in a box and cover with plastic to help
retain the moisture of the flowers… Chrysal Professional Glory does NOT need to dry before going
into refrigeration… so that is another good benefit…

To purchase Chrysal Professional Glory- visit the uBloom Store…

I do hope this information is helpful… and thanks again for the great question! Have a Flower Filled Day!