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Wedding Bouquet Secrets

Beautiful Wedding Bouquets are easy to create when you know the secrets…and I love sharing my secrets, especially when it comes to wedding flowers!

With Summer just around the corner… concealed water supplies are a great secret to have in your arsenal. When using Arrive Alive, you can have a concealed water supply for Callas, Garden Roses and even hydrangeas!

Another way to conceal the water supply is to create a FAUX Stem handle…and stow away a Gala Bouquet holder. You’ll have an easier time placing flowers and also have plenty of water for the day of the event…

A Secret for ANY bouquet is Chrysal Professional Glory which can allow any wedding bouquet to last 26% longer! The secret is using it as your final step…

These Wedding Bouquet Secrets will help take the intimidation out of wedding design and provide long lasting results for beautiful wedding flowers!