Customized Flower Food- YES PLEASE!!!


Chrysal offers low quantities and affordable prices on Customized Flower Food Packets- Get yours today- Call 1-800-247-9725

The Flower Stand- By J Schwanke

Chrysal just announced their NEW Customized Flower Food Sachets… I couldn’t wait to get my uBloom
Flower Food Packets… I got the 10 Gram… that’s my Favorite size… as it makes a full liter of Flower Food…

Flower Buyers LOVE Flower Food… they are dedicated to making their investment last! Everyone Loves flowers and they want to insure that they last as long as possible…
It’s also a proven fact that flower buyers READ the directions and follow them…  I like the way the Instructions on the back match my logo on the front…

I also know that customers want MORE Flower food… so this little investment – (Chrysal has low quantities and SUPER affordable pricing)… will get placed in their favorite kitchen draw and they’ll see my name everyday!!! YAY!

What better way to promote your flower selling business… and also show your customers that your INVESTED in their success with Flowers! I always strive to have the BEST FLOWERS- add the BEST FLOWER Food (Thanks Chrysal) and I have the WINNING Combination… Now I can promote my business too!!!

Thanks Chrysal – Great Idea… and executed beautifully! Want to get your own – Call Mimi today… 1-800-247-9725 and order up!!!

Your customers will thank you… and keep coming back for MORE!!! Flowers that is!!!!